Why Your Dog Needs a Sniffler Mat

Why Your Dog Needs a Sniffler Mat

Dogs absolutely love to rummage and forage around in the grass.  You can just see how happy it makes them, it’s the first thing they do when you take them outside. But why on earth do they do it? Here are a few reasons why!

Their Scent Glands

Dogs quite literally live through their noses. They have nearly 300 million scent receptors, while humans only have about 6 million.  Besides that, their little doggie brains can analyze forty times more scent information than ours can! Not bad huh? 


Their Instinct

So, sniffing into grass is a natural instinct for dogs. Dogs are natural scavengers.  Their wolf ancestors had to forage just to stay alive, so they were constantly searching around on the ground.  

That instinct has stayed with them for millions of years.  They love to scavenge. Even if they don’t find anything, scavenging makes them happy!  


Many dogs spend their whole day cooped up inside, when their natural instinct is to run and chase. Imagine how bored they must get just lounging around, waiting for you to come home. After a while, a bored dog becomes a stressed-out dog.  They get frustrated and begin to look for stimulation in other ways.

This is why we love our enrichment products, they are great ways to keep your dog stimulated throughout the dog. Not to mention we know they love a few snacks throughout the day!


What Does Your Dog Need?

We don’t know all the reasons they rummage around in overgrown weeds; but we know it makes them feel better when they do it!

We all know our dogs can be a little destructive when they’re bored. Even though their excuse may have been that they found a leftover chip that was apparently inside the sofa lounge. But can we really blame them, I think we’d all go a little stir crazy sitting inside all day everyday while you’re out at work.

But what if you found something that would keep your furry friend happy without tearing up your house?

The Sniffler Mat checks off all the boxes for a happy pup. They can sniff, scratch and forage around until their heart’s content. And as a pet owner you will love our Sniffler Mat as it’s incredibly easier to use, it has an adjustable strap for easy storage and most importantly, it's safe for your dog!

Simply sprinkle a handful of their favourite snacks or kibble in and around the Sniffler Mat, give it a good side to side shake to make sure the treats sink to the bottom. Place on the floor and let the foraging begin! 

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