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Paw parents love Furry Mates! Our customers share how Furry Mates help them keep their dogs healthy and happy, without the help of a professional trainer in no time.

Why Get a
Furry Mates' Kit?

Our kits are carefully crafted to enhance the psychological well-being of your canine friends, so they get the entertainment they need to stay healthy, happy and relaxed for hours one end — even as you go about your day. 

Slow Feedz™

Simply fill each section with either their kibble, treats or pastes and let them feast! It's also super simple to clean, just rinse them off or give them a light scrub after use.

Slow Feeding Bowl

Do your dogs demolish their food instantaneously before it even hits their bowl? We all want our dogs to cultivate better eating habits. The slow feeding bowl is designed to encourage our dogs to eat at a slower pace and reduce bloating, overeating, vomiting and obesity.

Sniffler Mat™

Specifically designed for dogs who love to sniff! Our dogs have a natural curiosity, superior sense of smell, and innate desire to work. The Sniffler Mat helps to train your dogs smell, burn some energy and keeps their brain busy!

The Snuggler Bed

A sleeping sanctuary specifically designed to help alleviate anxiety in dogs! The luxurious faux fur of the Snuggle Bed mimics that of their mother’s, making your dog feel safe and secure. The raised rims are also perfect for dogs who love to curl up as the rims support the neck and spine during sleep, helping to reduce muscle and joint pain.

Doggie Bottle

Easy to use and made of quality hard plastic, you don't have to worry about broken glass during your adventures or the hassle of using a bowl to keep your dogs hydrated. It comes with a small lanyard that can be attached to either your dogs harness, your backpack or simply around your wrist.

Special Bundle

  • Boosts oral health

  • Encourages good eating habits

  • Provides healthy stimulation 

  • Mentally engaging

  • Curbs separation anxiety

  • Improves gut health

  • Keeps chewing at bay


  • Mangled furniture

  • Excessive barking

  • Mugging you and guests for attention

  • Running around the house

  • Digging in front and backyards

  • Tipping off trash cans

  • Chasing small animals and insects haphazardly