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Furry Mates Co

2 in 1 Slow Feeding Licking Bowl

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A silicone, non-toxic, food-grade bowl that will keep your dogs stimulated for hours of indoor fun! Hounds who like to gobble their grub up in seconds will absorb their nutrients better. Timid cuties who don't necessarily love their grooming routines (think bathing, nail clipping, brushing) will be calmed. All pups will benefit from a little mental stimulation. Quick and easy to clean in warm dishwater.

- Encourage slow eating
- Lick and eat
- Suction back
- 100% non-toxic; food grade; human grade; recycled silicone
- Easy to clean


• Made with 100% non-toxic, food grade, human grade, recycled silicone

• Hand wash with mild detergent
• Use toothbrush to clean inside / grooves if required